Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shaved Vigina Designs Should I Shave My Vigina?

Should i shave my vigina? - shaved vigina designs

I have not heard, if for some reason u can stick to

shave or sell u do u just that .... Trim

What guys like best?

do u do all the cool design, if you ...


Don Enrique said...

Shave it! I like the bald look smooth! looks absolutely beautiful when clean-shaven and bald! The wax is better, but you need at a bar that will make the Brazilian wax, razors can do yourself, do not bite but when put lotion after stations! If you need help Let me know! :)

Be sure to use a new razor and eacy .. Take your time!

mrswinab... said...

Personally, I would shave mine. It feels good and there are creams that are specifically for the vagina, which can be made to smooth and clean ...
ex. Anit-Bumps
% Http: / / / p: Bikini 20zone ...

if you do not shave your kind of disgusting cuz theres no chance pubic lice and pubic lice, you can get a little use of public toilets. It is also clearer and easier to manage when you are menstruating.

Most people with whom I spoke, as if he shaves his cousin makes the work easier. The hair may itch for some time with sex or oral sex. I shave me every two weeks when it comes to the size of a grain of rice.

In addition to this, the more interesting when shaved. :) Ejacualte are currently more than you shave because it feels good ... i dont know its just natural.
But what makes you happy, or her husband lol.

joshilov... said...

You can not shave vagina. shaved pussy. The vagina is in your body. and another thing if you do not even spell your vagina, it's probably too young to think for themselves about shaving down there.

to answer your questions. I do not shave
Not for me, no itching
I shave twice a month. to wait for his alleged, the next generation. just before you shave. It can not just shaving stubble or shaving and what does not burn. and my first two weeks is enough to shave with a razor.

abradley... said...

As a species, how clean and tidy there, you know, soft and supple. I''ve been told by a friend that if you shave every time you take a shower, burn, and not regrowth not either.

I would not forget, however, this is called a title.

Sheila said...

I personally shave cuz I want to be clean there. do not bite if you put lotion afterwards. it can as I did when I was younger lil cut off if you do not want that super good to you.

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